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Our Services

 Market information
     • Inquiry of valid laws and regulations
     • Clarification of import regulations and import restrictions (customs tariffs)
     • Industry and country specific market inquiries and – information
     • Information about exhibitions and consultancy of participation in exhibitions
     • Seminars, expert conferences, lectures, luncheon-meetings
     • Contacts to authorities and associations

Searching for a business partner
     • Identifying collaborative partner
     • Finding experts and industry specific contact details
     • Search for potential customers and/or suppliers
     • Retain our services to search for business representatives

     • Several events per year in Switzerland and various partner countries on
        subjects about the present economic situation.

Bulletin SEC-INFO /  Newsletter
     • Ca. four editions per year, which contains economic information on the
        Central European markets, business inquiries, laws, regulations, exhibitions
        and events, etc.

Internet-presence of your company on the SEC-website
     • A link to your company-website is included in the membership fee.
        Logos and banners are welcome, they will be charged separately.

     • Mediation is a non-binding procedure for settling disputes out of court between
        two or more parties with the assistance of a neutral intermediary (mediator)
        and by active collaboration of the parties in dispute.

     Download PDF Mediation Center Overview  SEC Mediation-Center Overview     Download PDF Mediation Rules  Mediation Rules
     Download PDF Suggested Mediation Clauses  Mediation Clauses

 Special conditons of Zurich Versicherung for SEC-Members!
Download PDF Mediation Vertragsklauseln
SEC-members receive a 30% discount on the costs for services.
     (Prices on request)



  Management of SECO
  Start-up Fund

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